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Mausoleum Diorama by Michaela Knights


For this stage of the project I want to show a completely different environment to that in the first stage, and improve on my lighting and stylistic aesthetics. The theme I have chosen is a mausoleum with a casket and headstone with memorabilia placed around it. I love Mexican culture and how they celebrate the dead, so I want this to influence my design choices. The personal aim for this project is to better my topology knowledge and lighting abilities.

SketchFab Models

Center Piece

Headstone - https://skfb.ly/6vXZn

Casket - https://skfb.ly/6vXYV

Decorative Piece

Blanket Throw - https://skfb.ly/6vXZE

Structural Piece

Stained Glass Window - https://skfb.ly/6vXZX

Supporting Prop

Chair - https://skfb.ly/6vXZI


I am happy my lighting skills have improved once more and the atmosphere I achieved is all lighting and textures. I have enjoyed managing both my university project and this one. With more time to spend I feel I could’ve created a larger environment but am happy with the atmosphere I have given my smaller diorama. This smaller environment showcases my current skill level and ability to work with 2 projects. Gathering multiple references at the start and through has helped my models and texturing, and my stylized consistency.

  Watching Coco was a true inspiration and helped my scene come together in the last week, which I am extremely appreciative of. It was good to see an environment alongside a beautiful narrative give life to the memorials. The Book of Life was an ongoing influence for shape language.

  Though happy with my progression, there are lots of areas to improve. My interior lighting skills aren’t great as there are some heavy contrast and not enough midtones to illuminate some shadows. Particle effects may have helped, and complimented the god rays. My materials are all unique, so I didn’t get a chance to create any tileable textures. Furthermore, I should have done more Photoshop work earlier so I could get critique and improve the textures.

  To conclude I am extremely appreciative of this brief and the chance to develop and showcase my current skills.


Mausoleum_SFAS.zip 324 MB
Stage 2 SFAS Journal.pdf 7 MB

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